racheyvengeance (racheyvengeance) wrote in dico_raab_love,


So.. I know that this place is sadly basically dead, but hopefully it'll come back to life with Jackass 3? (You know, the chain of events where you see Bam in Jackass and watch Viva La Bam again, and then realize that RaCo is awesome!?At least that's what I did.) 

Well, I don't exactly have anything to offer at this point, but I do write sometimes.. so maybe I can help revive the community?

Besides that, I just wanted to say it's awesome there's so many extremly creative people here, all expressing themselves over the amazingness that is Raab Himself, and Brandon Dicamillo. (:

Sorry if this was totally pointless, but hey, what can you do?


P.S., I draw a LOT, so if I ever get around to it, I'll post some Raab/Dico stuff (:
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