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RPS: Chocolate-Drabble, Brandon DiCamillo/Chris Raab, CKY 3, PG

Fandom: CKY 3
Pairing: Brandon DiCamillo/Chris Raab (kind of)
Rating: PG
Category: Real People (pre-) Slash, Drabble
Author: Nea
Author's note: a) For lifthrael b) My first attempt to write a Dungera-free fic. I miss them a lot, but I did it! c) AND my first attempt on an english fic, too! d) Special hugs and thanks to tobiasdominik for his beta!
Disclaimer: This fic is Real People Slash of the guys from the CKY movies. Unfortunately, it all seems to be fiction.
Title: Chocolate-Drabble

„Raab“, Dico whispered in his ear, „I'd love to cover you in chocolate and slowly lick it off you...“
Where had that suddenly came from? It felt great to say, but he thought he should check if Chris was still asleep. Dico nervously bit his lower lip and held his breath. Luckily, Chris didn't move. He lay on his stomach with his head resting on his arm, looking peaceful.
Dico slipped away from him and leaned his back against the wall. He needed a moment before Jess and Bam would appear.

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