Pango McStarr (tobiasdominik) wrote in dico_raab_love,
Pango McStarr

For truthespian, Injured!Raab, "OMGWTFYOUDOIN'?"! Dico, and a shopping cart. of Dooooooom.

It wasn't like they hadn't done it before.

Raab had always agreed to be the one to go in the shopping cart; He'd cut open his hand before and ran full force into pop machines. This time wasn't suppose to have been any different; yet here they were, in the emergancy room, waiting to hear if they'd permanatly damaged their friend this time.

It had just been a simple skit. They'd done it a million times already; put Raab in shopping cart, run shopping cart into things. This time, though, when they'd run him into the wall of the local gas station, he hadn't gotten back up and shaken it off; he hadn't done much of anything except lay there.

"Mr. Raab's friends, I presume?" Dico looked up, nodding. It wasn't their doctor; she was away on sick leave. Dico could only imagine all the horror storys this new doctor must have heard; because he honestly hadn't seemed that surprised to see them when they all rushed in.

"So what's up" Bam asked, tough guy through and through, even if Dico know that he was just as worried as the rest of them. Rake had dissapeared half an hour ago, claiming the need of coffee, and Ryan was laying with his head in Bam's lap, looking up at the doctor. the doctor who gave them a look, a look that said 'you are all moron's' quite clearly.

"It's nothing too serious. A concussion, but we're going to keep him here over night just to be sure. He's concious, if you want to go see him." He nodded to a room, and Dico stood up, pulling Bam and Ryan to their feet as Rake appeared, coffee in hand.

"Hey, guys." Raab stated, as they entered the room, "How's it hanging, assholes?" Bam grinned, going to place a hand on Raab's shoulder.

"Better now, dick weed. Scared us there for a minute. From now on, we're not doing that skit anymore." Raab made a face. He actually liked that skit; he liked the feel of loosing control.

"Can we just make me wear a helmet instead?" he asked, and Bam laughed. Rake shook his head, and Ryan pulled up a chair. Dico stood to the side, letting them talk for a moment befoe clearin ghis throat. Ryan looked up, and smiled at him.

"Well, come on, Bam, Rake, let's go see what they have for food here." he stated, pulling his friends out the door. Dico was glad Ryan wasn't a complete moron and could tell he wanted a few minutes alone with Raab; the same way Ryan would want a few minutes alone with Bam if it had been Bam in the bed.

"Fucking moron." Dico stated fondly, taking Ryan's seat to sit beside Raab. Raab smiled at him, shrugging, and reached over to take his hand.

"Scared me to death, god, you know? We thought we'd killed you or something." And they had; Bam had freaked out, nearly burst into hysterics when they couldn't wake their friend up, and Ryan, level headed Ryan (And what an oxymoron that felt like, when half the time they were all anything but) had called an ambulance.

"Sorry." Raab stated, and Dico rolled his eyes, grabbign Raab's chin to make him look at him. He smiled, leaning forward and oressing his lips to Raab's, and then pulled away, worry still fading from his eyes.

"Yeah, well, just don't let it happen again. Got it?" Raab smiled and nodded, then winced.

"Got it."
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