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Pango McStarr

More fics shall be posted.

The first!

Fluff for take_me_farther.

Enjoy! Set during 'Mutiny on the Bam', and Raabs fear of small spaces comes form the episode 'Bamiature Golf'...

The open sea was actually really quiet. Epecially at night; when everyone else on the ship was asleep and all he had to do was sit and think. He didn't have a beer with him; instead, he had a bottle of pop and a ham sandwich.

"Raab? Shouldn't you be sleeping? Bam wants to be up at like, seven or something for some sort of salute shit." Brandon's voice caused Raab to look up from the waterscape he'd been observing, and he smiled.

"Can't sleep." he stated, looking back over the water as he took a sip of his pop. Brandon sat down beside him, stealing his sandwich and taking a bite.

"Oh yeah?" Brandon asked, "How come?" Raab shrugged, and Brandon nodded. Both sat silently for a long moment, before Brandon spoke again.

"Claustrophobic?" he asked, nodding to the lower deck. Raab shrugged again, although Brandon knew it to be true. Raab had always been just a bit afraid of small, enclosed places; ever since he could remember, anyways.

"Maybe a little." Raab stated, moving a bit closer to Brandon as a cool breeze drifted across the deck of the ship. Brandon sighed, placing an arm around Raab's shoulders and pulling him against him.

"You need to get over it." he stated,"You know if Bam finds out, he'll make your life hell with it." Raab nodded, every bit the lost kid he'd once been, and Brandon smiled. Leaning over, he placed a kiss on Raab's cheek, rubbing his shoulder as they both looked out over the ocean.

"Well, it's a nice night. I suppose we could sit out here for now." Raab smiled, and Brandon grinned.

When Bam and Ryan woke up the next morning, they both were surprised to find Raab and Dico asleep against one of the rails. Bam grinned, and Ryan chuckled.

"Cute. but you know the rules, right Dunn?" Ryan nodded, and kicked both of them in the leg.

"Rise and shine, fuckers! No more cuddling up here on deck while the rest of us suffer Don Vito's snorin' down there! We've got a salute to do!"


I hope you like it!
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