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OK this is the last chapter of Sneaking Around. A sequel may be in the works but I haven't really decided yet...

*Chapter 6*

“You don’t know anything Bran,” Bam snapped, tugging his shirt that was lying on the counter top, over his head.

“I saw you guys at the drug store last night,” I said, letting out a sigh. Raab had latched on to my hand. Ryan took a sharp intake of breath. Bam shot him a look then turned back to me.

“Well…well…,” he stuttered. “I’ve known about you and Raab forever!”

“Forever?” Raab questioned letting go of my hand.

“You guys only make it obvious,” Ryan mumbled pulling a cigarette out of his pocket and lighting it with unsteady fingers.

“Dunn,” Bam growled softly.

“For Christ sake,” Ryan stepped outside onto the porch, propping the back door open with his foot.

“We made it obvious?” Raab asked me, sounding slightly disappointed.

“Do you love him?” I asked. Bam practically choked on the orange juice he had been drinking. Ryan took another cigarette out of his pocket.

“What did you say?” he asked, wiping away small droplets of the orange liquid from his mouth with the back of his hand.

“Dunn. Do you love him? Are you in love with Ryan?” I asked laying it out for him as clearly as possible. Ryan came into the house only having smoked half of his other cigarette.

“Well…I love him,” Ryan stated when all that came from Bam’s end was silence. He stared up at him.

“What?” Bam asked clearly surprised.

“I love you,” Ryan said. “I’m not friggin’ ashamed to admit it.”

“I…I…I love you too,” Bam stuttered, pitifully gripping onto Ryan’s arm. It was obviously the first time either of them had spoken those words out loud. And I was the one that provoked it out of them. They looked like they were about to go in for a kiss when they realized that Raab and I were still there.

“Well?” Ryan said expectantly.

“Well what?” I asked.

“Do you love him?”


“Me…Raab you dumb ass who else!” Ryan cried.

“Of course I love him,” I said. “He’s everything to me.” Raab let out a small sound that sounded like a mixture of a squeak and hiccup.

“I am?”

Instead of answering, I filled the gap in between us and pressed my lips against his. Ryan and Bam stood quietly for a second, watching us.

“Well?” Raab asked.

“Well what?” Bam stared at him.

“Kiss him already!”

Ryan and Bam did as they were told with noticeably large grins on their faces.

“Okay I will admit that I am in love with Ryan,” Bam said seriously. “But I am not; I repeat am not, under any circumstances admitting that I am in any way shape or form…gay.”

“Fine by me as long as we don’t have to keep sneaking around,” Ryan snaked his arms around Bam’s waist.

“Just when the four of us are together can we be like this,” I stated sternly.

“Well duh! Who do you think I am?” Bam pushed open the door that led into the family room. The camera crew was already their, ready to start another day of shooting. We went through the door and crossed back over into reality.

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